Turning the Corner

Jul 19, 2023

Can you remember back to January when you set your New Years’ resolutions? You
recognized that some structures in your life were no longer serving you, and you set your
intention to level up this year.

You are now halfway there and turning the corner!

It’s a long journey ahead and that is a good thing. You can take your time and mindfully build
the road that leads to the new you.

This is the time to get some feedback: you’ll get encouragement because people do
appreciate what you have to offer.

You’ll also be challenged to step up and show what more you can do.

Between now and September, it’s going to feel like it’s harder to attain the skills you want but
that’s normal. Growth isn’t linear, but this part will feel more meaningful.

Watch a short animation of how the planets move over the next 2 weeks and receive
contemplation questions to recognize how the movements impact your life.

00:00 Coffee & Charts - 19 Jul 2023
00:54 Review of current energy
03:10 Planet movements with explanation
15:00 Planet movements, no explanation
15:21 Contemplation questions
18:13 2 week summary
23:18 Tips for thriving
30:25 Call summary

If what you heard resonates with what is happening in your life, get the whole story of 2023
so you can envision where you are headed with the twists and turns in your journey.

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