Hi I'm Panda Hershey!

astrologer, life coach, and Founder of Your Full Expression.


And yes, that’s my real name. Panda like the bear. And Hershey like the chocolate. After careers in science and institutional asset management, I left the corporate world in 2016 and followed my heart to become a full-time community healer, practicing acupressure and astrology one-on-one.



What moves me so deeply is how the power of astrology transforms people’s view of themselves and their journey. When they feel seen and validated, they are inspired to do all they can to reach their potential and make a positive impact on the world.



In 2022 after working with hundreds of people, I created COMPASS, a monthly subscription to help you navigate your life and relationships with more ease and less struggle. Inside you’ll receive the customized, done-for-you roadmap and support you need to stay true to yourself through life’s challenges. It also includes access to my unique Compass cards and ongoing training to see yourself and your loved ones more clearly so you can actually enjoy and support each other..


As an astrologer and life coach, it is my goal to open your eyes to the naturally gifted human being you (and your loved ones) are. You were born with a multitude of tools and talents and I want to help you use and hone them for YOU, those you love and the community around you. 



Panda Hershey
Founder, Your Full Expression

Live Your North Node!

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