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Sep 06, 2023

Sometimes, thinking can only get you so far on a project.  

Right now, if you take even a few actions on your project, you’ll get the information you need to point you in the right direction. Have you ever been on a hike, evaluated which path you’re going to take, only to realize that the other way was probably better? It’s kind of like that right now.

For the next week, continue to put your ideas into practice. Think of it as the “beta” launch of your project, where you start connecting all of your new skills into something meaningful and measurable. 

It might feel scary, but think about what’s on the other side of that effort! 

And with Venus now moving forward through Leo, it’s your second chance to actively receive appreciation and encouragement that builds your confidence. 

When Mercury starts moving forward on September 15, you’ll be ready to identify and communicate where you are going. Aren’t you looking forward to that? 

Watch a short animation of how the planets move over the next 2 weeks and receive contemplation questions to recognize how the movements impact your life. 


00:00 Coffee & Charts - 6 Sep 2023

01:08 Review of current energy

02:42  Planet movements with explanation

11:11 Planet movements, no explanation

11:50 2 week summary

16:02 Tips for thriving

19:16 Call summary 


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