Sustainable Presence

Apr 05, 2023

Did you finally have 15 minutes of peace that surprised you? It’s a sign that Mercury is slowing down.

For 2 months, you’ll get to think about how you are showing up as this “new you” that Pluto in Aquarius is eliciting. How can you be present in a sustainable way? Think of it as a spring internship to prepare you for 2024.

On the last call I also offered a few other tidbits:

  • From Apr 5-11, the Sun moves between Chiron and Jupiter. Allow curiosity to help you find a way through a blockage.
  • Starting on Apr 17, those ideas you gave your heart to from September to March may get some airtime. Nurture any opportunities to keep exploring them. They are your seeds for your 2024 growth.

Watch a short animation of how the planets move over the next 3 weeks and receive contemplation questions to recognize how the movements impact your life.

00:00 Coffee & Charts - 5 Apr 2023
00:58 Review of current energy
04:08 Planet movements with explanation
11:48 Planet movements, no explanation
12:11 Journal questions - Chiron
14:16 Journal questions - Mercury in Taurus
14:54 Journal questions - Mars in Gemini
15:30 2 week summary
19:00 Tips for thriving
21:07 Call summary

If what you heard resonates with what is happening in your life, learn how you can actively work and plan with these energies over this year to live into your goals and dreams, no matter where you are at right now. The Universe is your life coach!

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