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May 18, 2023

Big shifts are happening and more are on the way to Break the Barriers to Your Growth! Sign up for my free webinar on Wednesday, May 31 at 12pm PDT at https://www.yourfullexpression.com/uranus2023signup 

It’s time for your second chance! Mercury is moving forward for the 3rd and final time through 6-15.5° Taurus. Use the rest of the month to express where you will show up (more) and with what tools and resources. Pull on any thread that feels like an opportunity to expand or grow your presence and resources.

Take the next 3 weeks to “wrap up” the first phase of 2023. These first 5 months of 2023 have shown you how your life has outgrown structures that don’t serve you anymore Who is “in the boat with you” to share your experiences this year How you need to show up differently in 2024

Life has been pretty serious so far this year. I’m looking forward to Phase 2 which starts soon after we meet again. It will be a diversion of sorts and hopefully more fun.

Watch a short animation of how the planets move over the next 2 weeks and receive contemplation questions to recognize how the movements impact your life.

00:00 Coffee & Charts - 17 May 2023
02:43 Review of current energy
04:35 Planet movements with explanation
11:10 Planet movements, no explanation
11:42 Contemplation questions
15:53 2 week summary
19:42 Tips for thriving
28:19 Call summary

If what you heard resonates with what is happening in your life, learn how you can actively work and plan with these energies over this year to live into your goals and dreams, no matter where you are at right now. The Universe is your life coach!

Reach out to me at [email protected] to learn about my offerings like the 2023 Playbook which weaves together the various “plays” so you can play your life!