Showcase your talents

Aug 02, 2023

It might seem scary but you’ve been putting in the effort for nearly 2 months. And you have plenty to demonstrate.

Of course it won’t be “perfect” but it will be impressive.

To get the most out of the next 2 weeks, focus on 2 things:
Have fun with it
Release any details that feel heavy or make you feel like you are struggling

With the Mercury portal opening on August 3, you’ll have through September to “hone” your natural gifts into a work of art!

Watch a short animation of how the planets move over the next 2 weeks and receive
contemplation questions to recognize how the movements impact your life.

00:00 Coffee & Charts - 2 Aug 2023
00:54 Review of current energy
01:56 Planet movements with explanation
12:16 Planet movements, no explanation
12:34 Contemplation questions
14:24 2 week summary
17:14 Tips for thriving
21:58 Call summary

Are you making the most of the growth opportunity that is happening in your life right now?
Do you know how to look for the fun and appreciation in your life right now?
Do you have a strategy for honing your talents into a work of art?

If you aren’t answering with a “HECK YEAH!!”, then join one of my trainings to find out how
YOU can find that satisfaction and energy that’s missing in your life.

Get the playbook that mpas out the big picture for your year!

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Live Your North Node!

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