Ready for some coaching
from the Universe?

Get the playbook that maps out the big picture for your year!

Like any good coach, the Universe has us figured out.


It knows our patterns and gives us projects that help us practice and expand our talents. You can feel this already inside you but maybe it’s hard to see or believe how it all converges in your life.

Our Retrograde Portal Guide is the playbook that succinctly summarizes the experience that the Universe has planned for you this year. Whether it’s your growth, your commitment or getting your mind focused, you’ll get the bigger picture of where you’re headed and the steps and practice it will take to get there.

Because it’s based on your natal chart, you’ll see how each retrograde portal is essentially a “play” or exercise you’ll be practicing. Each portal has a unique impact on our life and its own timing.

Apply it to your life with the Retrograde Portal Guide and see the bigger picture ahead of you!

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What if the Universe offered you do-overs so you could get it right the second time?

Yes there are second chances all the time! The Retrograde Portal Guide shows you all of those opportunities throughout the year. Every portal is a second chance to make things better. Or to go deeper. Because it incorporates your natal chart, you can match each portal to a specific area of your life.

The Guide describes the 3 distinct phases and timing of each portal: engagement, integration (or retrograde), and engagement. This last phase of engaging or revisiting what you’ve already experienced is your opportunity to try again as a wiser, more informed you!

The Universe is your life coach!

With the Retrograde Portal Guide, you’ll gain insight into your game plan for the year. From the Mercury retrogrades which help you hone a part of your life over 2 months to the Pluto retrograde which offers your 2023 New Year’s resolutions, you’ll see the bigger picture of everything 2023 is offering you.

This personalized guide is designed to accompany Panda’s Coffee & Charts calls.

Whether it’s shorter projects to “figure something out” over a couple months, or working through a larger goal for the whole year, the Universe offers experiences for us to learn, integrate, and then do it again, but better. Each of these is a retrograde portal. As you read about the portal, see the part of your life impacted and integrate it with the other portals, you get the entire playbook for the year.

With the Retrograde Portal Guide, you'll have access to your playbook for the year.

Inside you’ll find out how the Universe is coaching you through 12 distinct experiences in your life such as

  • Your primary New Year’s resolution for the year
  • How what you are thinking about in April and May leads to the growth for the rest of your year starting in June
  • How you’ll be appreciated and gain confidence this summer
  • And more…

Choose from the spiral bound 5.5”x8.5” version that fits easily in your bag. Or get the digital only format that you can access at any time. With its easy-to-use format and engaging content, this guide is the perfect companion for anyone looking to harness the power of retrograde energy.