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Compass Membership


Are you ready to FINALLY have a strategy to navigate your path in life and create the connection you want with the people you care about (including yourself)?


If you're anything like me, being grounded in WHO I am and WHAT I'm doing is a requirement for being the partner, mother, coach, and friend I want to be.


When you become the newest member of COMPASS, you get access to the tools and support you need to be prepared for the year ahead for YOU specifically so you can give your energy and attention to the things that matter in the long term.


With ongoing access to Panda's revolutionary Compass training for relationships, you will discover how to identify the blocks in your relationships so that you can chip away at them and cultivate better connection.


YOU are the one constant in each of your relationships. Imagine  understanding all of your tools and talents so you can hone them and capitalize on them!


What you'll get as a member:

  • Annual Nightstand Journal to navigate your journey with "done for you" personal coaching questions to use throughout the year.
  • Three (3) Monthly community coaching calls for direct support from Panda to dive into specific relationship topics and your specific project planning / decision making. 
  • Weekly "Tips to Thrive" emails to be prepared for the week ahead.
  • Access to my revolutionary Compass Relationship training and 2 physical decks of Tools cards
  • Unlimited access to printable decks of Tool cards so that you can explore any relationship at any time!


I understand that I will need to provide birth info, including city of birth, date of birth and exact time of birth for this membership to be effective as a coaching tool in my life.