Being a community healer combines the best parts of everything I’ve done so I can help people integrate their body, mind and spirit into the fullest expression of their heart. 


- Panda

I’m trained as a scientist. From my days as a biochemistry major to my post-doctoral days studying cell biology, I’ve been fascinated by the human body and its complexities.

I went on to work in the corporate world for 15 years but never abandoned my love of science. Both disciplines taught me how to ask good questions and recognize patterns and trends.

It was the yoga practice that transformed me, planting the seeds for the journey I am on today. I began practicing on Thanksgiving weekend in 2007 and eventually found an incredible teacher – Abby Tucker who opened my heart and mind to a completely different way of thinking and being. 

The love of connection led me to the Acupressure Institute where I studied tui na and acupressure with many great teachers. I came to realize that gentle touch is transformational at many levels.

When I became a full-time healer, I then had space in my life to study things that intrigued and delighted me. Astrology was one of those things. I had to understand how it was possible that a professional astrologer, someone in Australia who had never met me, could know the "real" me. Through self-study, I've developed my own tools and a unique way of explaining how the movement of the planets create a distinct yet common human experience for each of us.

I look forward to supporting you on your journey!

Live Your North Node!

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